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Flat B2 – 1984 Ford Bronco II Lowrider
Flat B2 - 1984 Ford Bronco II Lowrider

Flat B2 – 1984 Ford Bronco II Lowrider

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It’s so cool to find a nice Bronco II. Especially since the most of the ones you find lately are either off-road trail rigs or some run down beater. It’s very rare to find a quality Bronco II at a car show, but with the modern day enthusiast, anything is possible. I spotted this Bronco […]


David Vargas 1987 Ford Bronco II views: 1430

This cool looking Ford Bronco II comes to you from our friend David Vargas down in Mexico. David wanted to restore his 1987 2-wheel drive Bronco II, but wanted to add his own unique look. The first thing that jumps out at you is the custom grill and round headlights. David cut the original grill, […]

Project Budget Bronco II views: 1336

This 1984 Ford Bronco II is owned by forum member ‘Sweet-85’. His goal is to “have a completely self sufficient vehicle I can take anywhere…”. I think he’s done a great job working towards that goal. The Bronco II’s specifications are: 2.8L V6 with a Duraspark conversion (So long TFI!) 5-speed manual transmission Dana 35 […]

James Duff’s 1984 Ford Bronco II views: 941

If you’re a fan of the Ford Bronco II, then you’ve probably heard of James Duff, and James Duff Enterprises. James Duff’s experience with Ford Bronco’s goes back to the 1960’s. Over the years he’s modified, raced, and even developed his own products for the Ford Bronco. When the Ford Bronco II came out in […]

1989 Bronco II Caged Chop Top views: 1009

This 1989 Ford Bronco II 4×4 owned by forum member ‘smash9002’ appeared in our forums back in 2008. However, I’ve always admired the cage that he added to his chop top, and I feel like it needs to be preserved here to serve as inspiration to others. This Bronco II features: 4.0L V6 backed by […]