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DISCLAIMER: Activities and vehicle modifications appearing or described at the Bronco II Corral and it’s pages may be potentially dangerous. We do not endorse any such activity for others or recommend it to any particular person – we simply describe the experiences and opinions of other Bronco II owners. If you choose to engage in these activities it is by your own free will and at your own risk. Any and all modifications will likely cause a vehicle to behave differently than stock. Some modifications may significantly increase your risk when driving the vehicle or be dangerous in some driving situations. Use good judgment when engaging in any activity or making any modifications. Do not take unwise risks. Consult a certified professional if you are not sure of something. The Bronco II Corral and the authors of these articles assume no liability for how any particular individual chooses to use the information presented here. Some of these modifications may void your vehicles warranty. Please also read our Legal notice HERE.


Quick Info

Ford Bronco II Facts

Common Upgrades


2.8L Engine

2.8L Duraspark Conversion

2.9L Engine

2.9L Cylinder Head Removal & Installation

4.0L Engine

Fuel Mileage Ratings

Cruise Control

Degreasing The Engine Compartment

4.0L Engine Swaps

4.0L Conversion FAQ’s

4.0L Conversion (1992 Explorer to 1985 Bronco II)

4.0 Conversion Wiring (1991 Explorer to 1989 Bronco II)

4.0L Conversion (1994 Explorer to 1989 Bronco II)

Transmission, & 4WD Components

2WD to 4WD Conversion (Overview)

2WD to 4WD Conversion (Detailed)


Dana 28 & Dana 35 Front Axles


Longer Front Brake Lines




Ford Bronco II Lift and Tire Size Comparisons

Early Bronco Dana 44 into a Bronco II

Front Dana 44 With Leaf Spring Conversion


Bronco II Water Leaks

Bronco II Swing Out Tire Carrier 

Fuel Tank

Quarter Flip Rear Side Windows

Removing Bronco II Rear Side Windows

Rear Liftgate Removal

Liftgate Latch Repair

Third Brake Light Install

Fiberglass Body Panels

Fender Cutting 101

How To Chop Your Top

Painting Your Bronco II – Rust Repair

Painting Your Bronco II – Primer, Paint & Polish

The Bronco II Project – Bodywork & Paint

The Bronco II Project – Door Swap / Upgrade

Building A Folding Receiver Mount Tire Carrier

Degreasing The Engine Compartment

Round Headlight Conversion 


Reclining Rear Bucket Seats

1989-1990 Dash Swap In 1984-1988 Bronco II


Ford Headlight Switch Wires & Testing

Round Headlight Conversion