James Duff’s 1984 Ford Bronco II

If you’re a fan of the Ford Bronco II, then you’ve probably heard of James Duff, and James Duff Enterprises. James Duff’s experience with Ford Bronco’s goes back to the 1960’s. Over the years he’s modified, raced, and even developed his own products for the Ford Bronco.

When the Ford Bronco II came out in 1984, James Duff ordered a brand new one. The Duff’s still have it today.

The new Bronco II received a James Duff paint scheme, and became a test vehicle to prototype lift kits, a turbo on the 2.8L, bumpers, flares, roof rack, stainless rocker protectors etc. It’s still in the Duff garage, but with a V8 and narrowed 9-inch rear axle. It was painted back to solid silver after it got bead blasted by pea gravel thanks to a turbo prop at the Sequim Washington airport.

When Suzanne Duff turned 16, the Bronco II became her first vehicle. Since then she took it up to 5-1/2″ of suspension lift with 2″ of body lift. After a few good years of hard use (abuse) the Bronco II was sporting a new 302 V8, and it’s real personality started to show. Suzanne eventually retired the Bronco II for a complete rebuild, and it resurfaced again bigger and badder!

In 2006 Suzanne became the new company president, and one of Suzanne’s first tough decisions was to move the company to a bigger city. She had visited Knoxville several times while on wheeling trips to Tellico. She really liked the area and the Southern Hospitality. Knoxville was ultimately chosen because of its central location for shipping times and rates for customers, and the larger area offered a wealth of suppliers for their manufacturing needs.





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