Chop Top 1989 Bronco II on 39’s

Owner: 74Bronco2

From: Dayton, Washington

Vehicle: 1989 Ford Bronco II

Specifications: This Bronco II has been upgraded to a 4.0L V-6 with a 5-speed manual transmission and a dual transfer case (doubler). The power is sent to Dana 44 & Ford 9-inch axles with Superior axles and 5:13 Gears. Power is delivered to the dirt by 39-inch Boggers on 15×14 wheels. They’re covered by Bushwacker fender flares designed for a fullsize Bronco. The roof was chopped and a custom top with a tube frame was added to keep the foul weather out. Stainless tube bumpers were built.

Could your truck drive through snow this deep?

Doubler transfer case (Two transfer cases mated together to reduce the gearing for a better crawl ratio)


Bronco II Doubler Build

74Bronco2 Photos & Details


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As a Ford Ranger enthusiast who enjoys modifying my Ford Rangers for off-road use, I quickly discovered that there wasn’t any websites dedicated to the subject. So in 1999, I created As That site began to grow, I began to see a lot of Bronco II owners join the site, since it shared the same platform with the Ranger. That caused me to create the 'Bronco II Corral' as a photo gallery, which spawned off in to the website you're visiting today. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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