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The electrical problems begin


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Nov 8, 2019
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Bronco 2
So I picked up an 85 b2 for 1300$ came with another b2 that had the roof chopped and a ghetto wheeling job done. I gave that to a local bull nose ford guy who wanted it for free. The b2 I wanted had 66k miles and was one owner. I didnt really care as long as it would make the drive 2 hours home. So I made it almost home , then it over heated. The radiator was so clogged from it sitting I had to replace the heater core, all cooling hoses, water pump, t stat , radiator , cap and wash the resivior, to be safe I replaced , the front and rear end gear oil, transmission fluid and case as well as the engine oil. The transmission was sloppy and almost impossible to see tell the gear. So I took it out and lubed it up and wrapped a rubber hose around it and a hose clamp to keep it from sliding up out of the cup. It worked flawlessly.

So then I had no right turn signal or right brake light. I took the turn signal switch off the column cleaned all the connections and greased that up and it took care of that.

Now my dash lights on the cluster dont work as well as the gauges, all my fuses are good and I took the connectors out and cleaned the ribbons. But nothing changed. So where would you guys start with that ?