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  1. Bigfoot Bronco

    How should i gear?

    Right now i have stock axels and gears in my 86 bronco ii. however i just lifted it 4inch and put 33's 10.5 on it. Im curious what gears i should upgrade to to get better performance. thanks in advance to any tips or suggestions. also i dont think ill upgrade to the 8.8 or dana 35 front any time...
  2. Bigfoot Bronco

    No breaks when trucks running

    Hows it going everyone. this is my first post, i recently did a 4 in lift on my 86 bronco ii. i had break lines detached for about a week and it drained a good amount. once i finished up the life i went ahead and reattached the break lines and refilled the reservoir and proceeded to bleed the...