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  1. Cost of 4.0 swap

    Anyone know an estimate of how much it would cost for an auto shop to complete the 4.0 swap? If I provided the motor with harness and all how much would labor cost? Has anyone ever done this, it seems like everyone does the swap at home but I don't have the time or the know how to do so. Thank you
  2. A4ld shift problems

    I recently had the transmission dropped and new seals put in through out the transmission because it leaked like crazy and for about a week it shifted fine, but now it will hold a gear untill 4-5000 Rpms before it shifts and it struggles to make it up a hill if I give it any gas up a hill it...
  3. Switching radio and heater controls

    I just bought a new head unit and it's a flip out touchscreen con but I don't think it's going to be able to work because the touchscreen won't be able to flip open because of the top of the dash. Does anyone know if you can put the radio in the heater control and heater control of the radio...
  4. Bronco concept. Really cool find (MUST SEE)

    I was recently looking for lights my bronco ii in google images when I came across a picture of a really cool bronco concept. It's called the "Ford Bronco Montana Lobo" and it was a concept of 1981. I've never heard or seen anyone talk about this before thought was really cool I wanted y'all...
  5. Roof rack

    How do y'all mount your roof racks? I'm thinking rain gutter mounts, has anyone done this? I love the jeep look with all the extra stuff on it like this one...
  6. Water proofing help (breather tubes)

    So I won't be submerging my car anytime soon but I would love some peace of mind when I go smashing through puddles, creeks and mud. Has anyone ever extended their axle, auto trans or transfer case breather tubes before or know their location? Also does generic ignition sealer spray work to seal...
  7. Roof rails

    My 87 bronco ii doesn't have the stock roof rails and a guy in my city is parting out a b2 with the roof rails and I was wondering if knows how they secure to the roof and if I can just buy them of him and put it on mine. Thank you in advance
  8. What rims?

    I'm wanting to buy 5 rims for my stock ride height 87 bronco ii. Should I go for 15 x 8 or try to find closer to stock. I'm looking for a fairly cheap set no more than 300$ if possible. I'm going for 235 75r15 tires
  9. Wanted : grill guard, fender flares, roof rack, off-road lights, red vinyl seats

    If you have any of these please message me. I will pay with paypal and will pay first. Thank you, god bless