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Ready For The Bronco II Replacement?
Ready For The Bronco II Replacement?

Ready For The Bronco II Replacement?

Filed in 2020 Ford Bronco by on January 2, 2018 • views: 663

The upcoming Ford Bronco will share the Ford Ranger platform, just like the 1983-1990 Ford Bronco II was based off of the 1983-1990 Ford Ranger. The Bronco will actually be based off of the Ford Everest ( also known as the Ford Endeavour in the Indian market), but will receive a facelift for the U.S. […]


1987 Bobby Bronco II 4X4 views: 790

Jeremy Surratt had a 1988 Ford Bronco II 4×4 that he called Bobby Bronco II. After 18 years of ownership, rust had taken its toll on the Bronco. Jeremy found a 1987 Eddie Bauer Ford Bronco II as a donor vehicle, but it was only 2WD. Jeremy had already done a V8 swap on the […]

BroncoIIer’s 1988 Ford Bronco II views: 844

This nicely built 1988 Eddie Bauer Ford Bronco II is owned by forum member ‘BroncoIIer’.  When he bought his Bronco II, it already had a 4-inch Skyjacker suspension lift and 33″ x 12.50″ Interco TRXUS MT tires. After about 6 months, the passenger side head gasket let go, so BroncoIIer purchased a 1992 Ford Explorer with a […]

Harley’s 1986 Eddie Bauer Bronco II views: 428

Eddie Bauer was a sportsman, merchant, and inventor whose knack for design produced some of the twentieth century’s most useful outerwear and recreational equipment. He was among the first to use goose down to line and insulate jackets, and created the flight parka that came to be known as the “Bomber Jacket” worn by thousands […]

1985 Bronze Bronco II views: 557

I recently found this Bronco II for sale while browsing the Internet. While it may not be styled to my personal liking, I am glad to see that there are still some solid Bronco II’s out there. The stock tan interior is actually in really good shape and is free of rips or cracks. The […]